Wellesley Limo is fully licensed limousine service specialized in fast airport pick-up and drop-off and corporate transportation accounts. When you choose Wellesley Limo, you hire a trusted partner and a community member.



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Wellesley Limo Has An Enviable Reputation Among All The Other Car Services

Living in a big town has its share of pangs along with all the privileges it has to offer. The lifestyle is very different and a complex of easy, hard and affordability. When you have access to almost everything in the big cities and all the premium and luxury features are at your fingertips, commuting within a big town is a supreme hassle too. With perpetual crowds, pollution, and always the rush to be on time is a major issue. Everybody seems to be in a hurry.

Commuting has been made a ton times easier

Living in Wellesley had the same issues too.  Commuting was an issue, but not anymore. With the Wellesley limo is service things have been way better. They have everything you may need and have services to offer like no other. Any occasion, be it parties, weddings, business meetings, night outs, or any family outings, or reaching the airport, they have you covered in everything. The most unique feature they manifest is their rating system. It is not necessarily on the per day ride. It may or may not be done that way. It also has rates which are hourly rates, which is not feasible, as you pay only for the time you opt for its services.

Moreover, if there can a larger number of people that can accommodate comfortably in a single limo, you may book for multiple ones in the same booking. Not just this, if you have a group travelling like for a trip or a wedding, you can avail the service they have which provide you with the party bus. The buses, cars, limos, and all other vehicles that they own are supremely luxurious cars and always up to the mark. They even have the latest models added to their fleet which allows you to ride in the latest luxurious cars. Plus, all the vehicles are driven by well trained and very humble reliable drivers who look into every comfort they can provide to their riders.

They will never let you down, no matter what

Dealing with business clients is always a daunting task. All their needs must be taken into dire consideration as they become all judgemental in the way they have been treated and the company’s hospitality. There is no denying that the companies work very hard to please their clients. It is here too that the Wellesley limo services are of great help. You can always trust their punctuality and their service when you hire their vehicle from the company to pick up or drop your client to the airport while attending them. Limo from airport to wellesley is always on time without fail. Your hospitality is enhanced with their service without any denial. This has gained them an enviable reputation.

You can easily make a booking via their site online and taking into consideration it is advisable that the bookings are made 24 hrs in advance, to avoid facing any rush in the booking.

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  • Limo Service Wellesley

    Only Quality For Clients

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    Wedding & Events

    Wedding & Events

    Our fleet of luxury cars is the best for any weddings and events where you and your family can travel with style and panache. The bride and groom can make a grand entry in our luxury cars and feel like a royalty.

    To and From Airport

    To and From Airport

    The Wellesley Limo service is the perfect choice for reaching airport on time and coming back from the airport. The comfortable rides and well-maintained cars give you a smooth and hassle free experience.

     Business Trips

    Business Trips

    If you have delegates or clients coming over to see you, our luxury fleet of cars is the best to receive them and give them a royal treatment. It is very much a part of the hospitality experience that they will remember forever.

    Book Your Limo Today

    You can book your limo in advance by getting in touch with us. We have varied pricing for monthly and yearly contract with our clients.